Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gopher Town

There are a few areas around town that could be called a Gopher Town. 
These cute little critters are about the size of squirrels and live in burrows dug into the ground. Its quite a elaborate system, they can shoot down one hole and pop up in another hole. When out of their burrows, they never stray far from a hole to duck into in case of danger.

Snoozing in the sun.

Gophers "bark" warnings to other gophers when they perceive some danger about. This little guy was sounding the alarm when he felt we got a little too close to him.

Caught scratching.

Farmers are not keen to have gophers in the field. Their holes are dangerous to step into. Horses and cows have broken legs  landing in a gopher hole. 
My niece broke her ankle a few years ago when she was out running during school PE. She probably doesn't thing they are as cute as can be!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter scenes

We've been blessed lately with warm weather system chinooks, which have melted most of out snow. 
Its still the dead of winter, but these periods of spring like weather has been very welcome. 

When its cold here its really cold! Warm weather is a nice respite!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Frenzy

When you are a seagull, there is only so much food to go around and most of its pretty bad, so when one seagull happens upon a tasty piece of Pizza, the chase is on!
If you're the seagull with the Pizza, chances are you are in for a fight. You are going to have a hard time eating!
You have to land, its too big to scarf back in the air, and when you do land so does the competition.
You let that Pizza go for one second and its swooped on by others.
And stolen. 

If you steal the treat, better turn tail and get out of Dodge!
Just know that you are now the Seagull in pursuit.
Others will observe and voice their opinion about the whole affair.
And the chase is on again. 
I don't know where that Pizza finally ended up and with who, it got carried off with the flock on its heels. 
This little guy stuck around after the Pizza affair, I think he thought he stood a better chance of getting something to eat off of us, rather than following the Pizza!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Day

A day at the beach at Echodale Park.
 Its been a while since visiting my blog with new photos. In that time we have moved to a new home, settled in a new city and started to put down roots. We are close to family and for me being back in Alberta is close to my birthplace. I have missed this country.
Home is where the heart resides.

It was a day of splashing, happy and wet children, seagulls fighting over Pizza, reflections in the water, reflections all around, dogs walking their people, beach picnics, flowers. The sky was partly cloudy and the breeze was warm.

Glad to be back!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Medalta Farmer's and Craft Fair

One of the wonderful things the upcoming Spring brings is Markets and Fairs showcasing and highlighting local people of the community and their talents and wares.
Here in Medicine Hat local farmers/artisans gather together on Thursdays at Medalta Clay Industries to display and sell their wares. 
In addition to tables and vendors, we were also treated to music during the Craft Fair.
Hand made Ammolite and Stone Jewelry by Reg Merkley, beautiful rings, pendants and earrings featuring Ammolite, a stone found in Alberta.

Handmade Soaps and Bath bombs, and Bath Products by Beliv Soapworks.

Fresh made Coffees and Roasted coffee beans roasted and produced right here in Medicine Hat at the MadHatter Coffee Roastery. 

Home made Meat and Fruit pies from Homestyle Pies based in Hanna, Alberta. 
We enjoyed a Curry Beef Pie, Sausage rolls and Saskatoon berry Pie and Mango and Peach Pie for supper at the Fair. We could also buy pies for home.

TLC Farms in Bow Island, Alberta sold fresh Soups, Homemade sausages, meats and products. You can buy fresh Pork, Beef, Chicken and Grain products. TLC also served salads and Beef Suppers at the fair!

Sweet Pure Honey brought a wide variety of Fresh Honey products. Soaps and Cleansing products, Creams, Salves, lip balm and tints, Perfume sticks,  and wonderful fresh Honey! We have been enjoying their honey in our Tea all week!
Home made touques and hats! Plain, embellished and colourful in all sizes!

Herb and Vegetable Tower Garden by Juice Plus! These are cool, hydroponic tower to grow herbs. Always have a fresh supply of fresh grown ingredients for salads and cooking! Sold by Janice Neigum!
Customers enjoyed a bottle of Honey Beer, with their dinner, and my wife enjoyed a glass of wine from the Cash Bar on premise.
Once our weather warms up and winter is on its way out, the Farmer's/Craft Fair plans to move outside on warm afternoons into the inner courtyard of Medalta.
 Medicine Hat also has a weekly Farmer's Market on the weekends that will begin the end of May and run through the summer into early Fall.