Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gopher Town

There are a few areas around town that could be called a Gopher Town. 
These cute little critters are about the size of squirrels and live in burrows dug into the ground. Its quite a elaborate system, they can shoot down one hole and pop up in another hole. When out of their burrows, they never stray far from a hole to duck into in case of danger.

Snoozing in the sun.

Gophers "bark" warnings to other gophers when they perceive some danger about. This little guy was sounding the alarm when he felt we got a little too close to him.

Caught scratching.

Farmers are not keen to have gophers in the field. Their holes are dangerous to step into. Horses and cows have broken legs  landing in a gopher hole. 
My niece broke her ankle a few years ago when she was out running during school PE. She probably doesn't thing they are as cute as can be!