Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Frenzy

When you are a seagull, there is only so much food to go around and most of its pretty bad, so when one seagull happens upon a tasty piece of Pizza, the chase is on!
If you're the seagull with the Pizza, chances are you are in for a fight. You are going to have a hard time eating!
You have to land, its too big to scarf back in the air, and when you do land so does the competition.
You let that Pizza go for one second and its swooped on by others.
And stolen. 

If you steal the treat, better turn tail and get out of Dodge!
Just know that you are now the Seagull in pursuit.
Others will observe and voice their opinion about the whole affair.
And the chase is on again. 
I don't know where that Pizza finally ended up and with who, it got carried off with the flock on its heels. 
This little guy stuck around after the Pizza affair, I think he thought he stood a better chance of getting something to eat off of us, rather than following the Pizza!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach Day

A day at the beach at Echodale Park.
 Its been a while since visiting my blog with new photos. In that time we have moved to a new home, settled in a new city and started to put down roots. We are close to family and for me being back in Alberta is close to my birthplace. I have missed this country.
Home is where the heart resides.

It was a day of splashing, happy and wet children, seagulls fighting over Pizza, reflections in the water, reflections all around, dogs walking their people, beach picnics, flowers. The sky was partly cloudy and the breeze was warm.

Glad to be back!