Sunday, April 24, 2011

Macro Monday

My wife and I attended a Celebration of Life yesterday for a friend who's only daughter died of cancer just after Christmas. There were many people visiting the Celebration to pay their respects and share their memories of Zarie. She was newly married, at the start of what should of been a long, happy life when Cancer visited and took her life.
My wife and I have always like visiting Cemetaries, wandering in the peaceful quiet areas and reading Cemetery stones. Some memorials have all manner of different decor, flowers and statuary, the signs that for those there are people left behind who remember and visit. Some are bare and one wonders if ever visited.
In our wanderings, we visit and we wonder. We ponder who they were and what their lives were like.
Zarie's resting place will be visited and remembered. Never forgotten. She left a big impact in her short 30 years here on Earth.
I feel for others though, and want to make sure that even though I don't know them, or remember them they are not forgotten.
A solitary Marker we came upon where the leaf debris has covered over the word Never. Someone remembers this person and misses them. I'm sure of that.
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Nikki . said...

Love this photo... heartbreaking for your friend so tragic to lose their daughter...

LauraX said...

such a sad, sad situation...what a beautiful tribute.

Jay said...

How poignant that is ... Yes, I'm sure someone remembers. We live on in the hearts of others.

I'm a person who doesn't need to visit graves to remember people. I don't remember the anniversaries, or the missed birthdays, but I do sit and think about the lost ones in the middle of my daily life. Something will remind me and I'll spend a few minutes just bringing back the memories, understanding perhaps a little more why they did the things they did and what motivated them, and - in some cases - forgiving them for some things and myself for others.

But I understand the importance of a physical place to visit, and of grave markers. It truly angers me on behalf of the grieving when churches here ban flowers or just high-handedly remove tributes they don't approve of. Sadly, it happens too often.

I'm sorry. I seem to have written a novel!