Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Watery Wednesday

A good summer day is a great time for boat rides!

Searching for Whales.

Harbour tours. Tourist attractions.


And fishing!

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Rebecca said...

It's the speed boat for me! Love your blog header.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Gorgeous....but, I'd prefer to be on the shore. LOL

My Wednesday Link, if you care to come by to visit: Capt. Levi....Savvy?

EG Wow said...

Looks like everyone is out enjoying summer!

Dianne said...

each shot is so refreshing!!

I too love your header :)

Míriam Luiza said...

As fotos são lindas! Passa a idéia de um verão bem aproveitado. Seu cabeçalho está muito bonito!