Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scenic Sights

Today driving through Agazzis we saw a sea of white fronds by the side of the road. The light was reflecting through them perfectly, and they seemed to shimmer and glow.

The individual flowers of these fronds were about ten or so inches long. The plant was well over 6 feet tall.

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Close up photos of the strands of the flowers.

I think these plants were a form of Pampus Grass except they did not have the big ball of reeds on the bottom that they would of been growing out of.
If anyone knows what these are please let me know. They were beautiful in the sun!


Lui said...

Simply stunning!

John said...

Beautifully captured!

Christmas Cactus, have a blessed Sunday!

Jan n Jer said... the lighting

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Don't know what they are, but you did a great job capturing them in wonderful light!

Cecilia Artista said...

Fantastic photos!
I also love your bear header! It´s wonderful!

Ida said...

Delightful series. Love the feathery look of this grass.

CameraCruise said...

Fantastic photos! said...

Fantastic light and details in theses images.

Happy MM