Friday, August 3, 2012

Anya and Leahy

To see other awesome black and white photos go have a look at the above!
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HansHB said...

It is so nice to see this! They look so good together. Your photo is a perfect B&W post!
I wish you a great day!

Dragonstar said...

Oh, I like this! Lovely photo.

Renae said...

Mainly a b&w shot, huh? cool! Joining you and inviting Mary and Jacqueline to join you, too.

Please see my entry at Camera Critters #40. The pic of my Schnauzer didn't show up and you can't edit it. errrr.

Join me, too?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!

Pradeepa said...

Great! I love this shot!

Anonymous said...

Wow - fabulous shot!