Friday, February 15, 2013


A lot has happened since the last time I posted here on the blog. My wife and I sold our house and moved to Alberta. We have been here now just over two weeks. Alberta is my home land, born and raised here, and then transplanted to British Columbia. Now its good to be home again.
We are told by our relatives who live here, that this is a mild winter. There is hardly any snow to speak of, just puddles of slippery ice around, especially the streets off of the main streets and the alley ways between blocks of houses. 

First thing that happened was that our B.C. Car went in for an out of town inspection and failed miserably. We decided it was not worth the cost of fixing to bring it up to code, so instead set about to find another vehicle. We bought a Nissan and retired our old faithful Jeep, who had given us years and years of service. 

So now with our new to us vehicle, we have been exploring our new to us town. We were driving one day and saw a bridge running over the road we were travelling on. The bridge had a lookout on the end of it and of course we thought it was a marvelous place to take a photo of the town from. We just couldn't find the start of the walkway leading to the bridge. 

While we were looking for that we chanced to see in the distance two spires of the church in these photos. We immediately gave up looking for the start of the walkway and went searching for the church instead!

This is St. Patrick's Catholic Church, built in a classic Gothic style of architecture. It was an awesome building to see! Unfortunately it was locked so we could not go inside, but we were happy to photograph the outside.  The sun was at that sweet spot at this time of day, and it lit up the church wonderfully.

The sky was blue with banks of clouds floating by. The trees threw wonderful shadows against the side of the Church.

The Church was quite an imposing structure located in a sedate older neighbourhood. Our next wish is to take photos inside, around the same time of day as the sun would stream in through the stained glass windows and create some wonderful soft colours inside the church. 

We looked through the windows of the front locked doors and the light inside was magical. My wife wanted to pick the lock and sneak in!!

My nephew had to attend services in this church every Friday when he was in school. 

We never did find the start of the walkway we originally were looking for, but we will. Every day brings a new adventure and a new discovery!

Stay tuned for more photos and more adventures!!


Anonymous said...

Wow - what superb shots. So atmospheric and secretive and beautiful!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Amazing photos! The tone you have selected gives each one so much depth and drama! Adore the variety of shadows on the church!

Lighthousegal said...

Love your church photos. Churches are such beautiful buildings. So many of them are such works of art with their stained glass windows and detailed designs in the building itself. You captured this church quite well showing not only the beautiful building itself but some great shadows upon it too.
Happy Sunday!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You and I have similar experiences. After 11 years of faithful service, my car will no longer pass inspection either, so reluctantly I am having to shop for a new(er) vehicle.

Thanks for your lovely shadow shots.

Shadowy Bell