Thursday, July 5, 2012

Skywatch Friday - Jumping for Joy

At our recent Canada Day celebrations we watched a troupe of Cheerleaders go through their moves.

You have to be brave to be tossed high into the air and hope that you will be caught on the way down!

Although the day did not start out with promising weather, the rain stopped early in the morning but the gray clouds hung around for the day!
Gray skies did not dampen the spirits of people who came out to enjoy the day.
Heck, if we let gray skies get us down, we would be down most of the time!
The weather here has a lot of gray cloudy days, still waiting for summer to make a bit of an appearance!

Go and celebrate your gray skies as well! Have a great one!

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Liza said...

How cool! Happy sky watching.

My Sky.